3 Awesome Summer Landscaping Ideas You Must Add to Your Property

As the calendar continues to flip over to July, there is no need to fret. With plenty of summer still left to enjoy, there is still time to finally work on that summer landscaping project you had in mind. While you might be wanting to escape the July heat, we here at Westside Professional Landscape are here to provide you with landscaping projects that will get you, the family, and the rest of the neighborhood outside.

For those out there still searching for their summer landscape project, look no further. Here are a few summer landscaping ideas to consider adding to your property before summer comes to an end.

Relax With Water Features

While this might not be the most exciting fixture in the world, sometimes a little rest and relaxation is necessary in this stressful world. Coming home from a long day at work and being greeted by the soothing sounds of a bubbling water fountain outdoors can cure any anxiety. You will also notice a possible uptick in wildlife on your property, giving you something else to appreciate while relaxing.

Stay Sustainable With Eco-Friendly Plants

When presented with an opportunity to lower your carbon footprint, you should try to do so. And when it is this easy, it feels like a no brainer decision here. When looking at adding different floral life to your landscaping, be considerate of plants that do not require as much water as others. If you live in an area known for droughts, this should be a forethought when making your plans. There are many flowers out there that look stunning without needing to be hydrated much.

Light Up the Night With a Fire Pit

Wait a second? It is already warm enough in July. Why would I add a fire pit for the summer? While it may be hot during the day, the night time will definitely cool off before you know it. And when the sun goes down, why stop the party? Keep your events going by adding a blazing fire pit to your backyard. 

So why wait any longer to add one of these great summer landscaping ideas to your property today! Head over to our contact page to get in touch with us about your amazing project.

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