Hardscaping For Your Home And Business

A properly installed walkway or patio can give you years of enjoyment and enhance your outdoor living space. Garden walls, retaining walls, other hardscaping elements can offer solutions to otherwise less useable spaces for your home and business.

Residential Hardscaping

As a homeowner, you would naturally want your yard to look good compared to the rest of the neighborhood. Hardscaping isn’t exclusively about beauty, however, and factors in many utilitarian factors. An uneven lawn can create a lot of problems, from soil erosion to poor drainage and areas that are completely inaccessible. Adding a retaining wall can help prevent soil erosion and create a flat space for plants to grow. A paved surface can even out slopped or bumpy areas of your lawn and create the perfect place for adding potted plants. 

Residential Hardscaping

Creating a paved courtyard or multi-level space can expand your living area, and outdoor kitchens can help bring your life outside to enjoy some fresh air. Fire pits and outdoor seating can create spaces for entertaining guests. Whatever your choice, adding hardscaping to your home is a great way to turn an unused grassy yard into an effective and fun space.

Commercial Hardscaping

Whether you operate or own a restaurant, retail space, office building, or a group of properties used for commercial business, landscaping and hardscaping can be a major benefit to your companies appeal, your property’s value, and your customer’s satisfaction. Hardscapes are also naturally low maintenance, saving you money while your property looks better for longer. Less organic material also reduces the amount of water used. Offering employees, clients, and guests easy access to your commercial property is essential. In some cases, complicated and confusing entryways cause people to leave the premises without having satisfied their business concerns, losing you valued clientele. Overall for an office complex, retail site, healthcare building, or any other commercial property – plantings, hardscape, site amenities, and lighting elements create an environment that attracts tenants and customers, which contributes to your bottom line and provides a nice return on investment.

Westside Professional Landscape is a full service design build firm offering anything from complete landscaping and hardscaping design and installation to professional property maintenance and more. Whether you need residential or commercial services, we are here to help!

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