5 Garden Trends to Elevate Your Outdoor Space this Summer

As the summer sun shines bright, it’s the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your outdoor space with the latest garden trends. At Westside Professional Landscape, we’re passionate about helping homeowners create beautiful and functional gardens that reflect their unique style and personality. In this blog, we’ll explore five garden trends that are sure to inspire and delight you this summer.

Sustainable Gardening Practices

With growing awareness of environmental issues, sustainable gardening practices are more popular than ever. From composting and rainwater harvesting to using native plants and organic fertilizers, there are many ways to make your garden more eco-friendly. At Westside Professional Landscape, we can help you incorporate sustainable elements into your garden design, such as installing drought-tolerant plants, creating wildlife habitats, and implementing water-saving irrigation systems.

Edible Landscaping

Edible landscaping is a trend that’s gaining momentum as more homeowners seek to grow their own food and create sustainable, self-sufficient gardens. Incorporating edible plants into your landscape not only adds beauty and interest but also provides you with fresh, organic produce right at your fingertips. From raised vegetable beds and fruit trees to herb gardens and edible flowers, there are endless possibilities for incorporating edible plants into your garden design.

Pollinator-Friendly Gardens

Creating a pollinator-friendly garden is not only beneficial for the environment but also adds color, fragrance, and movement to your outdoor space. By planting a variety of native flowers, shrubs, and trees that attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, you can help support local ecosystems and promote biodiversity. At Westside Professional Landscape, we can help you design and plant a pollinator-friendly garden that’s as beautiful as it is beneficial for the planet.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Transform your garden into an outdoor oasis where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy the beauty of nature all summer long. Outdoor living spaces are a hot trend this season, with homeowners investing in features such as patios, decks, pergolas, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or unwinding with a book in the shade, creating comfortable and inviting outdoor living areas allows you to make the most of your garden year-round.

Vertical Gardening

Maximize your garden space and add visual interest with vertical gardening techniques. From trellises and arbors to living walls and vertical planters, there are many ways to incorporate vertical elements into your garden design. Vertical gardening not only allows you to grow more plants in less space but also adds height and dimension to your landscape. Whether you’re growing trailing vines, cascading flowers, or edible herbs, vertical gardening is a versatile and trendy way to elevate your outdoor space.

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